We live in a world where everybody is always connected, virtually, economically, socially. The recent critical events have strongly underlined this interconnection and are pushing people and companies to think in a new strategic approach that requires detailed analysis. AN consulting and its experts has a strong history of management in different economical sectors and in many countries with contacts in USA, Brazil, Balkans. UAE, Australia… . Starting from the strengths of the customer products/services, we check the competitive advantage they have in the target country and relevant market sector.  In the next steps, we can sign a memorandum of understanding with local partners and then identify each single activity of the business development project.

The detailed plan must be approved by the managing director or the board of directors: AN Consulting has all the competencies and capabilities to support the project management of this investment till the completion.

The company growth can be boosted by merge and acquisition deals and we can support all the due diligence activity and all the post merge integration phases.

The same methods and tools can be applied to new investments in infrastructure, architecture, plants and machines, with the opportunity to identify and apply the best technical and financial solutions.